we are a shared business-to-business Mobility Blockchain Platform.

Tired of switching between mobility apps when travelling?
We have the solution!

The mobility super app was yesterday. Our decentralized platform connects all mobility providers in one global alliance - with MOBILITY ROAMING FROM A TO B, beyond your city.

Our Products

bloXmove urban mobility

bloXmove - Urban mobility

What if mobility was less complex? 1 entry, 1 ticket and hassle free? Our Mobility Blockchain Platform seamlessly connects an urban Mobility Alliance across scooters and bikes, taxis and cars to busses and trains. We utilize decentralized technologies and decentralized identities (DID/SSI).

bloXmove wind energy

bloXPower - Energy & Mobility

What if there is an energy blockchain platform which interconnects electric power and electric mobility to balance renewable energy grids and reduce carbon footprints? On this use case we are working with one of Germany’s four Transmission Service Operators (TSOs), or energy network backbones, in addition to the Energy Web Foundation.



bloXmove is a newly founded venture with headquarters in Ireland and Germany. Our product, the bloXmove Mobility Blockchain Platform, was incubated by Daimler Mobility (the parent company of Mercedes) and this is also the background of our founders and board.

bloXmove will provide an open mobility protocol based on the BLXM token. By earning or holding this token, companies can connect their vehicles to bloXmove to offer decentralized mobility services. Users can consume these services with BLXM.

Our Singapore entity, which will launch the token, will be completely governed by the community: all important decisions will be voted on. That means holders of BLXM tokens who have staked their tokens with registered wallets can decide where the foundation invests and what initiatives it supports.

The short answer is that bloXmove will be like a “Star Alliance for Mobility”. Mobility service companies can use bloXmove to bundle and resell services from other providers. It is like a sharing economy for B2B; blockchain and decentralized technologies are very good at this. This allows them to create much deeper products. For example. a scooter company can sell full Berlin mobility to their customer through their own app—including car sharing and taxi—without losing their customer.

For the customer, there is no need to re- and re-register. Everything is handled with one ticket (verified credential). This means customers do service roaming, where they only register once and then can use all services without any additional overhead. bloXmove handles all the logic and takes a small transaction fee.

Our business model is simple: we charge transaction fees while offering numerous advantages to service providers:

1) Together, operators scale by creating one shared platform
2) The platform is not controlled by any one centralized company (e.g. UBER, Didi)
3) Customer relationships are maintained by each operator
4) Customers are not restricted to a single vendor
5) Transaction fees are kept low as those with the customer relationship maintain the negotiation power

1. We have signed up six live pilots with leading industrial players;
2. We are looking forward to a successful token launch;
3. We aim to deploy our platform as the platform of choice in the Netherlands Mobility as a Service ecosystem.

(We are also looking forward to showcasing the result of our stealth project with a major Chinese Blockchain group at the Shanghai Blockchain Week!)

We plan to launch in the second half of October, with full marketing efforts in the weeks prior. Leading up, we will grow organically by working on our core software, deploying the first live pilots, and closing many more partnerships. Our goal is to announce strong news stories every week if we can, with a few surprises along the way!

There is a future in which vehicles and all devices are:

C — Connected.
A — Autonomous. Self driving vehicles are here, and vehicles as well as charging stations contain wallets and can act as autonomous economic agents.
S — Services are how mobility is delivered. Less and less people will own cars, except as a hobby, and will instead use services to move. Use ALL, own NONE.
E — Electrification will completely change the way cities will sound (think how silent traffic will be in a world of 100% electric vehicles). Electric vehicles will also contribute to life quality as there will be no more emissions within cities.

1️⃣ We enable individual companies to collaborate and scale together: this is the power of decentralized platforms vs. centralized monopolists such as UBER, DIDI, and Amazon. These centralized platforms provide service to the end customer but take all the value added and leave very little to those who actually deliver the service. We empower individuals and companies to come together, collaborate and realize their profits for themselves.

2️⃣ Our unique token design, which combines a decentralized protocol with smart mechanisms derived from DeFi protocols to balance liquidity and manage the value of BLXM on an ongoing and sustainable basis.

A picture is worth a thousand words: have a look at the founding team and our advisors. Also recall that we were incubated by Daimler Mobility. Daimler is one of the world’s most respected German companies and famous brands.

We’re confident we have the talent and backing to succeed on our mission!

bloXmove will be operating a permissioned layer-2 network where all identities are verified and checked according to:
a) KYC standards;
b) DID cryptographic protocols.

Our layer-1 network will utilize an existing, leading public blockchain.

We understand the automotive, asset financing, and mobility lifecycle. With that understanding, and blockchain experience dating back to 2013/2014, we convinced Daimler Mobility to create the Daimler Mobility Blockchain Factory which we founded and led until we spun out bloXmove.

The assignment of the blockchain software licence was due to a combination of things:

1 Daimler is in a deep process of transformation and needs to focus on its core business: premium e-mobility.

2 Ecosystems are very hard to develop by any player with a major brand. Often other brands will refuse to join such a platform. We needed a neutral venture to bring the platform to market.

3 Tech, and especially blockchain technology, has very different investment and development cycles from corporations such as Daimler or Daimler Mobility.

These factors made both sides realize that a management-buyout, and then a spin-off, were the best way to bring what was incubated by Daimler Mobility for three years to market—and to success.