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Token Launch will be on Friday, 22 October 2021

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In a nutshell

The bloXmove BLXM token provides a protocol as well as a decentralized transaction-as-a-service platform which reinvents mobility as a service. The protocol is used to build game changing 1-click, hassle-free mobility products across different modes of transportation. End users identify themselves once and can then roam and consume services with a single click.

bloXmove was incubated within the Daimler group, the inventors of the car as well as carsharing (Car2Go), over a period of more than 3 years. The bloXmove founders then joined the Outlier Ventures acceleration program and embarked on a journey towards creating the protocol for #DeMo – Decentralized Mobility.

Product key benefits

Unified identities for customer, company and car, digitally secured and verified

Open protocols for minimum invasive integration effort of legacy systems

New business models through trusted integration & value-added services

Modular platform design for multiple use cases and business models

Seamless revenue distribution & settlement of liabilities in real-time

Enable & automate secure B2B business transactions

Token Information

Token: BLXM

Supply: Finite Token Supply: 50,000,000

  • BLXM is the utility token for bloXmove.com – the decentralized Power & Mobility platform.
  • The protocol incentives sustainable urban mobility and empowers decentralized operators by providing a platform without a gatekeeper.
  • It connects electric vehicles with the power grid to achieve balancing of renewable power generation à Power & Mobility
  • BLXM incentives collaboration and protects the validity and consistency of mobility services.

BLXM will reward and support green energy and carbon-neutral mobility.

Circulating Supply: initial 2.9%, after 6 months 15.3%, after 12 months 31.7%.

How To-Guide

4 steps to buy your first (BLXM) token


Step #1

Buy ERC20 coins like ETH with FIAT ($, €) in Kraken


Step #2

Register in MetaMask as a compatible ERC-20 wallet


Step #3

Register in uniswap and connect to your MetaMask wallet


Step #4

Ready to (uni)swap your coins like ETH in BLXM

Token Distribution

Community: 35%
Research & Product: 30%
Marketing: 15%
Business Development: 20%

Token Utilities

Utility #1

BLXM is the only token utilized to pay for decentralized mobility services on bloXmove. Transactions fees are also paid in BLXM

Utility #2

In our “hybrid” scenarios BLXM are also used to pay for B2B liabilities

Utility #3

Token burn: 10%-40% of all transaction fees in BLXM will be burnt until min. Supply of 10 million units is reached

Utility #4

Invest in a future scenario of smart mobility and green energy where we will reward the usage of shared electric mobility

About bloXmove

We are a shared business-to-business mobility blockchain plattform.
Tired of switching between mobility apps when travelling?

We have the solution!

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Download our Whitepaper :
“The Mobility Blockchain Platform – A blueprint for the future of mobility”

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