The technology behind the bloxmove blockchain protocol

The technical solution is unique and was developed in a test environment together with Daimler Mobility AG.


bloXmove is the decentralized ledger protocol that revolutionizes Mobility and Power by developing and maintaining a shared infrastructure, based on Ethereum and Corda, in which mobility providers can offer bundled services to verified users. The cross-company settlement can be automated and secured via tokenization.

The bloXmove blockchain protocol exists in the backend, invisible to the user. We are giving companies – both mobility providers and app operators – the possibility to create business cases such as:

  • collaboration in offering bundled mobility services without losing customer touch points
  • rewarding of green miles and travel habits
  • hyper-efficiency for integrations and settlement

collaborating in decentralized mobility services


Enables a verifiable, decentralized identity for customers, vehicles and companies

Communication standards for e.g. service discovery, planning, and reservation.

Universal translater around decentralized identifiers and verified credentials

Open mobility protocol that empowers transport operators to access more integrated & transparent mobility services

Programs written on the blockchain that run when predetermined conditions are met

Secure, automated clearing between business partners in real time

Gateways to automate the communication with accounting and bank systems (IBAN) 

bloXmove’s Mobility Blockchain Platform has a modular architecture design. You can also integrate single components of its decentralized technology like the SAP accounting gateway, the payment adapter or the consumption-based settlement ledger part. The four core values of how we build the decentralized ledger for power and mobility are: open source, interchain communication, green technology and tech inclusion. Schedule a demo if you want to elaborate which are the potentials for your business and digital products. For all the tech savies, check out the latest DueDilligence Report and GitHub. Here we published and publish all code modules until end of 2022.

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through blockchain, data is not corrupted, payments are done properly and trust between unknown third parties is generated.