The technology behind the bloxmove blockchain protocol

The technical solution is unique and was developed in a test environment together with Daimler Mobility AG.

Empowering #DeMo

bloXmove is the blockchain protocol that empowers Decentralized Mobility (#DeMo) by developing and maintaining a shared infrastructure, based on blockchain technologies, in which mobility providers can offer their verified services to verified users and settlements can be automated and secured via BLXM, the bloXmove token.

The bloXmove blockchain protocol exists in the backend, invisible to the user. We are giving companies – both mobility providers and app operators – the possibility to create business cases such as:

  • collaborating in mobility services
  • decentralized mobility services

collaborating in decentralized mobility services

The Result of our blockchain protocol

The result? Your business case will be offered throughout the whole mobility eco system where users can book your services through the mobility app of their choice.

Based on pluggable core capabilities, services can be plugged in through open interfaces and blockchain protocols

  • We built a basis for a deep integrated mobility offering, based on the mandate we received back in 2018.
  • A pluggable platform based on open and democratized protocols and open mobility business software.
  • A Minimum Viable Ecosystem (MVE) has been established together with business and technology partners.

The bloXmove protocol is in charge of all the connections and technical issues on how to connect mobility provider 1 with mobility provider 2 or application 1 with application 2.

We are making use of the blockchain technology for:

Through blockchain, data is NOT corrupted , payments are done properly and trust between unknown third parties is generated.

The benefits of being a part of the MBP:


Creating a Synergy Between Users and Mobility Providers: well-balanced synergy between the needs of users and creating an efficient and cost-friendly ecosystem for providers


Keeping Your Customers: attract more customers for providers but also allow them to keep their customers and build on their relationship


Automatic and Enabling Partnerships: you not only have access to your own fleet of cars or scooters, but you also have automatic access to the services and infrastructure of other providers that complement your services


Save money: we are automating the onboarding process so you can save time and money

The Result:

An Unforgettably and highly intuitive User-Centered Experience.

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