reinventing mobility-as-a-service: providing a seamless mobility alliance

With our decentralized ledger for power and mobility, bloXmove offers an operating system which secure, automate and accelerate business transactions. Start exploring now which opportunities we have for you.

your web3 upgrade for travel journeys

The Mobility Blockchain Platform allows an easy plug-in onboarding, reduces technical integration pain and operates secure business transactions like identification to consumption-based settlements. This will reduce costs for verification and manual accounting processes. Join the trusted Mobility Alliance now! It has technically never been easier to scale and exchange secure transactions with other companies. This improves existing solutions for mobility budgets and green mile rewarding.

Why do you travel? You want to achieve destinations and unlock experiences. This is why bloXmove thinks and creates Mobility Alliances which offer door to door mobility. Our NFTicket solution can be used as travel voucher or mobility pass – tailor made for your needs, tamper proof, collectable and tradable – if we combine your ticket with digital artwork. 

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