Decentralized transaction system uniting power and mobility

Power & Mobility

Mobility can’t be thought without energy anymore. Developments like bi-directional charging turn the vehicles into rolling storages – meaning relevant actors within the energy ecosystems.

But… our current siloed infrastructures are not able to deal with the increasing number of transactions. The information about assets, customers and companies are fragmented. Use bloXmove’s software as a service solutions and we make you web3 as well vehicle-to-grid ready.


Operating power grids with renewable energy has one big challenge: balancing supply & demand

  • Renewable energy can neither be switched on nor off. This makes balancing the power grid to 50Hz a task.
  • This results in highly volatile and even negative prices for power.
  • Seasonal peak times with a high consumption in the morning and night.
  • Providers have to pay power plants for energy flexibility

So why not unite power with mobility in aN unique energy blockchain platform?

In the electrification of the grid, the car will play a new role as power storage.
Power & Mobility Ltd. is connecting mobility with energy in a decentralized blockchain network for the adoption of electric vehicles to achieve a sector transformation with the fastest and greatest CO2 impact in the coming decade.

bloXmove Green Deal: coupling electric vehicles to the power grid achieves an energy sector transformation

Batteries are able to work bi-directionally: e-vehicles become Rolling batteries that can participate in grid balancing. Distributed ledger technology supports the management of the lifecycle and residual values.

Fleet companies can provide new energy services which generate new revenue streams.

Our mobility blockchain technology enables the drivers to bring their own energy providers, means one charging station is not limited to one energy company.

The precise documentation in the blockchain ensures certified 100% green energy and enables smart resource utilization which has a fast CO2 impact - these support the sustainability targets of governments and companies.

The decentralized network is used to enable balancing between the power grid and electric cars.

Here we connect two new sectors. That shows the potential of this technology. New partnerships can be generated which bring in new opportunities.

If we connect more and more smart devices and build a new ecosystem out of energy providers and big fleet providers, bloXmove can support to generate new flexibility in the usage of renewable energies. In the future there are no boundaries: means devices, smart homes, companies, and users can be interconnected and communicate in our decentralized infrastructure. New revenue streams will be generated and can incentive OEM to invest more in the electrification of products. Private end users can contribute to the coupled energy net as well and therefore can be rewarded when they use green and smart mobility services instead of petrol cars.


One of bloXmove’s core values is sustainability

this is why we want to enable new concepts to support cities and governments in developing new green solutions and cultivate new lifestyles.

Climate change, reducing CO2 emissions, sustainable energy management and the focus on renewable resources – all these are by no means new issues, but the solution that the company Power & Mobility is pursuing with the bloXmove Mobility Blockchain Platform is. Through sector coupling and enabling flexibility, we directly contribute to the European Green Deal with the goal of net-zero carbon neutral mobility! 

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