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A Utility Token Reinventing Power & Mobility

Token: BLXM

Supply: Finite Token Supply: 50,000,000

  • BLXM is the utility token for – the decentralized ledger for Power & Mobility.
  • The protocol incentives sustainable urban mobility and empowers decentralized operators by providing a platform without a gatekeeper.
  • It connects electric vehicles with the power grid to store and balance renewable energies.
  • BLXM incentives collaboration and protects the validity and consistency of mobility services.

BLXM will reward and support green energy and carbon-neutral mobility.

Circulating Supply: initial 2.9%, after 6 months 15.3%, after 12 months 31.7%.

Token Utilities

Utility #1

BLXM is the only token utilized to pay for decentralized mobility services provided by bloXmove’s mobility alliance. Transactions fees are also paid in BLXM

Utility #2

In our ‘hybrid’ scenarios BLXM are also used to manage B2B liabilities (internal valid units, IVU)

Utility #3

Token burn: 10%-40% of all transaction fees in BLXM will be burnt until min. Supply of 10 million units is reached

Utility #4

Invest in a future scenario of smart mobility and green energy where we will reward the usage of shared electric mobility

The blxm token is listed on dex & CEX

BLXM Contract addresses:

For ETH: 0x38d9eb07A7b8Df7D86F440A4A5c4a4c1a27E1a08
For BSC: 0x40E51e0eC04283e300F12f6bB98DA157Bb22036E

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Token Distribution

Seed: 1.60%

Private Sale: 2.19%

Investor Presale 2.88%

Investor LastCall 2.78%

Public Sale ETH 0.50%

Public Sale BSC 0.50%

Founding Team 24.00%

Advisors 11.56%

Foundation 54.00%

About bloXmove

We are a shared business-to-business mobility blockchain plattform.
Tired of switching between mobility apps when travelling?

We have the solution!

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β€œThe Mobility Blockchain Platform – A blueprint for the future of mobility”

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