bloXmove NFTicket – your frictionless voucher to access power & mobility

bloXmove NFTicket – your frictionless voucher to access power & mobility 

Most of us heard about ‘NFT’ – the Non-Fungible Token – from Bored Ape Yacht Club, Crypto Punk and other hype artwork. This was the initial moment where NFT Technology gained popularity for the first time. But the technology behind it can do so much more than just showing colorful jpgs. bloXmove’s NFTicket brings new momentum and the next level of development into the NFT market. By combining standardized NFT technology with additional blockchain-based components like verified credentials, smart contracts etc., we create a revolutionary NFTicket solution that decentralizes ticketing and certification. bloXmove offers you the eShop and Creator Kit for simply customizing your individual ticket or certificate as a tamper-proof, collectable and tradable NFT.  


Isn’t a NFTicket also just a digital ticket?  

We already use digital tickets in many aspects of our live, let it be a for a concert or a plane or even the bus ticket you need to get to work. Right now, these digital tickets only serve one use which is to grant the user access to whatever service they paid for. We present QRcodes, serial numbers, our smartphone wallet or a printed paper in the case of access or entry controls. Current digital tickets are not securely anchored to an identity or wallet; which makes it very easy to screen shot or fake a ticket.  

NFT with art and a real utility 

bloXmove’s NFTicket solution improves the customer experience, protection against forgery as well as versatility of digital certification and ticketing. 

bloXmove adds two magic ingredients to the world of ticketing: 

  1. We connect and embed tickets into web3 wallets and express them as NFTs (non-fungible tokens on a blockchain)
  2. We also allow to convert them into DID-based Verifiable Credentials for cross-chain and network-independent exchange and interoperability.



  1. How about an automatically personalized plane ticket that also holds a voucher for free food in case of flight delay or occurrence?  
  2. Or a ticket to a football match that includes the mobility budget to reach the soccer stadium by train, car or scooter and that shows the autograph of your favorite athlete which could be collected with each game or exchanged with other fans?  
  3. Or an entry pass for a virtual metaverse event which includes the proof of a 100% green energy usage and is offsetting the carbon footprint? 

The possibilities of attaching various new use cases are plenty. The lifecycle of the conventional ticket gets extended, and providers can enter secondary and third markets, prolong their customer journey and increase the number of customer touchpoints. For the user the NFTicket enables a seamless experience with only one necessary ticket, no need for extra identification or form of payment if different services can be accessed with the same ticket. 


“bloXmove designed the NFTicket protocol to combine the functions of (exclusive) membership cards, vouchers, tickets and certificates of ownership.  NFTickets provide the expressive power of Verifiable Credentials as proof of real-world asset ownership with the flexibility and attractiveness of NFTs.” Harry Behrens, CTO bloXmove 


How does that work on a technical level and what are the advantages of NFTickets compared to current solutions? 

bloXmove’s NFTickets are based on the combination of NFTs and DID-based verified credentials bringing together the advantages of both technologies. This way it is possible to customize digital tickets with features such as ID credentials, access control, payments and instant settlement. In practice this means a standardized NFTicket protocol can be adapted to any cases requiring access control or certification and offer unique personal access control certified by verified credentials. Thanks to blockchain the data is secure and tamper-proof once the real-world asset, for example an ID, has been issued as a VC.  As VCs are becoming more and more accepted the barrier to using this technology in real use cases is lowered and decentralized technology is finding its way into our everyday life. As it eliminates the need for any intermediaries, we are becoming more efficient and gaining back control over with whom we share our personal data. This security can be extended onto instant and direct payments or prepaid budget options which can be processed much faster and cheaper than current solutions. On top of that NFTickets are still collectable and tradeable as they can include digital artwork and therefore be traded via platforms like OpenSea.  

The NFTicket protocol combines the flexible versatility of tickets with the security and market reach of blockchain tokens. On the one hand the interoperability of DID-based Verified Credentials with the programmability of smart contracts enables the digitalization and customization of tickets and on the other hand the NFT base of the NFTicket grants market access to the metaverse.  

The advantages and opportunities for bloXmoves NFTicket protocol offered by the ability to access the metaverse can be best shown with our existing collaboration with NRverse. The young company is bringing more sustainability into the metaverse by proofing green energy consumption for metaverse events. This is also a great application area for our NFTicket protocol as the ticket can not only proof the origin of the used energy but also grant access to metaverse events at the same time. At the first zero-emission metaverse event powered by 100% renewable energy that NRverse organized we launched our first NFTicket with great success and users could verify their green energy consumption, get access to the event and trade the collectable NFT afterwards on OpenSea. Again, congrats to the BLXM community member that won the first bloXmove x NRverse NFT-cap with event access and green energy certification. During that night two weeks ago, we made Decentraland greener and the dancefloor more colorful.

Take a look at the introduction to our NFTicket protocol by bloXmove CTO Harry Behrens:

More use cases and partnerships for ticket as well as certificate solutions are in the making so stay tuned! 

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