bloXmove — The road ahead to 2024

Decentralizing governance of the product as well as the token.

Pause, learn and leap forward

As many of you know, we kept seriously busy last year.

And yes, we are proud of what we have achieved. Not only of the delivered code and the pilots we conducted — but just as importantly the learnings we took away from a year which many say was the most turbulent in a decade.

So, during the last weeks of 2023 we took pause and reflected what to continue, what to shed and prune and what to start.

The most important learnings — which will shape our way forward — are:

  1. Only fully decentralized utility tokens can stay unregulated and still prosper.
  2. bloXmove and #BLXM is a web3 community — to operate commercial and regulated services we need partners.
  3. We need to expand our L1-footprint to go where the action is.

2024 is a new beginning!

The team has therefore decided to go back to the drawing board: looking forward we have realized and determined the following:

  1. Full road ahead on decentralization (“the DAO”) of the BLXM token.
  2. Work through corporate partners and franchise takers to operate bloXmove mobility products.
  3. Work with L1 blockchains (peaq, CELO etc.) to bring our technology for green energy and #DePIN offerings to technical fruition.
  4. ….and nothing else!

The quintessence being: focus, focus, focus!
Focus on what our strengths are, look for partners where we need them and discard all other ballast.

Decentralization — the DAO

We partner with FactoryDAO, one of the leaders in DAO building with vast experience in DAO tooling and management to ensure a sustainable and effective transition to a DAO for the BLXM token community.

Together with FactoryDAO, we laid out our plans and set up the structure of the DAO, which is being implemented as we speak. More on the progress and next steps is to come via our weekly updates and was shared via our AMA session with FactoryDAO on Thursday the 11th of January. The recording of this session can be found here: Semi-DAO AMA with FactoryDAO.

Our DAO will be governed by those who are active in the BLXM community. Your access ticket — your “voter passport” will be an NFT Avatars for DAO governance — which is of course based on our NFTicket technology and packaged as an entertaining membership pass to the exclusive club of BLXM governance.

NFTavatar: a happy member of the BLXM community

In Q3 2023, we had a Whitelist opportunity for interested DAO participants. The NFT Avatar will be mintable for free if you stake or provide liquidity in BLXM tokens. The whitelist application was a success and we received over 140 applicants! More on the Avatar and its use within the DAO system can be found here.

The minting and launch of the BLXM governance NFTavatar will happen this February and kick off the active phase of our road to Decentralization.

Open sourcing

As part of decentralization we will continue to release our codebase as open source. The passenger and the driver app have already been released and we will have completely released all of our code by the time the transition to BLXM DAO has been completed.

Franchising our “Decentralized UBER” as piloted in Nigeria

After running a highly successful test pilot in Jos and Lagos in July and August 2023, we realized that while we had all the technology needed and had very successfully acquired drivers — we still need local business partners for operation and B2C business development.

We therefore decided that our next step is to hand over the technology (passenger and driver dApps) to a business party who can run it as a fully qualified Nigerian mobility operator.

Initially, we found two interested franchise takers, our ambassadors in Jos: Mr. Joshua Joel Bako and Mr. Antipas Abalis Shingshak (see franchise announcement).

The business negotiations are ongoing and we have identified further parties who might be interested in operating our technology under their brand.

Note that with the handover of the technology, this does not change the fee model of bloXmove: the operator pays a (small) fee for operating the dApp via a commission fee for each transaction on our platform. For the blockchain community, this also means that nothing changes with regards to the token burn mechanism and utility of the BLXM token.

Franchise taker/mobility app operator opportunity!

Presently, we are looking for more operators/customers for our franchise model, this can be in Nigeria or elsewhere in the world. These can be mobility companies, driver unions or individuals interested in receiving the full product (passenger and driver dApp) from us as a franchise taker or as their own.

In case of interest, do not hesitate to contact us through any of the channels given at the end of the article.

Overview plans of next 4 quarter

Q1 2024

Q2-Q3 2024

Q4 2024

Besides these key points and targets, we are continuously in talks with potential partners, franchise takers, mobility companies and driver unions to strengthen our network and the adoption of our NFTicket and mobility platform solutions.

Last year we built and tested our solutions, this year is all about adoption of our key technologies (NFTicket & the mobility platform — including driver & passenger apps) and the DAO-transition. Now is the time to grow!

We are proud of what we achieved in 2023 and look forward to building out bloXmove further next to you, our community!

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