We are reinventing mobility: providing a seamless global mobility alliance

What if Urban Mobility...

…was hassle free? What if you could enjoy your journey from A to B – with one click, in one ticket.
What if we would create the biggest global mobility alliance connecting bikes, scooters, car-sharing, trains and spaceships *in the future. 


The problem

Existing mobility infrastructure is fragmented and suffers from lack of cooperation

  • Non-transferable tickets waste value
  • Repeated on-boarding and identity verification wastes money and impacts user experience
  • Incomplete access to demand and information results in inefficient resource allocation
  • Less automated, scalable processes lead to high manual integration effort

Seamless & integrated mobility infrastructure has been hard to build

  • Integrating backend systems is difficult – currently used technology is not well suited
  • Willingness to cooperate with competitors is low because every provider is aiming for the market lead
  • Bottom line benefit of implementing the shared infrastructure is often unclear

The solution –
bloXmove’s Mobility Blockchain Platform #MBP

Decentralized b2b Platform as a service for all mobility providers


Connecting the customer with their digital ID, so that each user gets their unique fingerprint and the system recognizes you as the person you are. No need to set up an account.


Personal data always needs to be verified. The verification is done by our platform in real time. You as a user choose which trustful partner you accept.


You digitally sign the contract through your unique ID. If both parties agree, the contract is entered via the corresponding mobility service. This can be, for example, the train ticket or the eScooter ride.


Users only pay in one place; we take care of the allocation. Even if different mobility providers are used. Our blockchain platform balances these bookings in real time to all parties involved.

We stop aggregating and start collaborating .

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“The Mobility Blockchain Platform – A blueprint for the future of mobility”

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