The bloXmove Avengers

The bloXmove team is growing

Beginning of year 2021, it was the start for our new venture bloXmove. Since then the team is continuously growing and developing new superpowers. Meet bloXmove’s mobility avengers here


Sophia Rödiger | CEO & Founder

• Fact 1: she is a business psychologist • Fact 2: with 7 years of experience in the automotive/mobility industry • @Daimler (team lead in innovation, startup partnerships, transformation) • Fact 3: author • Fact 4: based in the south of Germany, Stuttgart • Fact 5: that’s because she loves the mountains for hiking, teaching yoga, trail running, snowboarding…

Harry Behrens | CTO & Founder

• Fact 1: He went to school in Egypt, went to university in Munich, Germany, worked 10 years and made a PhD in Japan • Fact 2: Background in mobility and blockchain last at Daimler Mobility where he headed the blockchain factory • Fact 3: Master in computer science and PhD in information engineering • Fact 4: history books and playing poker • Fact 5: speaks 6 languages fluently

Manuel Mutke | Blockchain & Tokenomics Strategist

• Fact 1: successful poker pro over 10 years as well as poker coach, he rocked the World Series Of Poker-events in Las Vegas since 2012 • Fact 2: speaks Chinese almost as good as Harry, our CTO • Fact 3: crypto and finance enthusiast • Fact 4: loves to play table tennis • Fact 5: as our picky 'to do list' freak, he knows all time management tools

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