Sophia and bloXmove nominated for Travel Industry Manager Award 2022

bloXmove and our CEO, Sophia Rödiger got nominated by Dr. Olga Nevska and selected among the 8 finalists for the Travel Industry Manager Award 2022. 🏆 With bloXmove, we are decentralizing mobility – meaning the exchange of information and transactions between all transport operators. This technologically enables a new kind of collaboration in business alliances. Star Alliance and Deutsche Bahn made it public recently, it’s compelling new CoOpetition forms on the way to inter-modal mobility.

Let’s think together in new alliances, 2022 can be the starting point. With our Mobility Blockchain Platform, strategic goals of ‘Travel Companion’ and ‘Travel Budget Pass’ become efficiently realizable. The first pioneers have started, they already offer tickets based on NFT (Air EuropaQatar Airways), seamlessly connect last & first miles and let their customers explore the travel route in advance in the metaverse (Iomob – The Internet of MobilityVueling Airlines). 

That’s the beginning. There is no question that more and more radical steps are needed on the way to multi-modal, green mobility….

NOW, first: your vote if you see bloXmove as the innovative travel winner*in 2022! 

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