bloXmove: the technologies powering the BLXM token

This is the second tranche of our series on the BLXM token for Power & Mobility. In our last article.

We gave a general background on the bloXmove Mobility Blockchain Platform and proceeded to describe the “Power meets Mobility” use case.
In this edition we go to the other side of the spectrum and give an overview over the set of technologies and protocols the bloXmove Mobility Blockchain Platform is based on.

bloXmove applies decentralized technologies to industrial and commercial applications. The platform positions itself as B2B2C, i.e. we act as a B2B platform for our business customers who provide B2C or B2B services.

The big problem we solve can be stated in simple terms:

bloXmove provides Transaction-as-a-Protocol: it executes and settles business transactions from the initial verification of consent to the final financial settlement.
From customer signature by way of hardware-based verification of service delivery to fully automated revenue distribution and financial settlement

bloXmove will be THE decentralised shared network on which businesses and customers in urban and electric mobility will conduct business. bloXmove will also interconnect electric vehicles with the power grid to enable grid balancing based on aggregated fleet batteries.

Any and all of these services can be broken down into 2 + 5 steps…

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