bloXmove Comic Vol. 1 – Full Edition

bloXmove Comic Vol. 1 – Full Edition

Have you read our bloXmove comic yet? Follow the first part of the thrilling journey where our heros have to overcome fear, danger and mystery to lift the secret surrounding the lynx and the way to a green and sustainable city.

Chapter 1: Blight City

Starting out in a dark and corrupt world where elites hold the power and increase their wealth at the expense of the planet, the first chapter of the bloXmove Comic Series will give you a glimpse of the world our characters inhabit. The wheels have been set in motion…soon the superficial peace will be disturbed and destiny will take its course.

page1_bloXmove comic
Volume 1, Page 1
Page2_bloXmove Comic
Volume 1, Page 2

Chapter 2: The escape

The resistance makes an all-or-nothing move to destroy the shady facilities milking the planet dry run by the corporate monopolies. Little did the world know that a simple act of kindness to free a poor little creature is the key to turning the tides against the Oligarchs.

page3_bloXmove Comic
Volume 1, Page 3
page4_bloXmove Comic
Volume 1, Page 4

Chapter 3: A mysterious legacy

Never has an act of kindness been so expensive. Saving the lynx made Sophia’s grandfather pay the ultimate price, leaving her obsessing on what could lead to the hidden city that’ll save humanity from the files he left behind. Could the answer be right in front of her? Keep reading if you want to find out.

Page5_bloXmove Comic
Volume 1, Page 5
page6_bloXmove Comic
Volume 1, Page 6

Chapter 4: The vision

An Eureka moment takes off the veil from Sophia’s eyes. The key to finding the city has been right in front of her all along! Everything makes sense now! The vision! The loyal lynx! But will she make it and find the hidden city? The ruthless oligarchs are hot on her heels, so let’s find out in Vol.2 of the bloXmove comic series!

Page7_bloXmove Comic
Volume 1, Page 7
Page8_bloXmove Comic
Volume 1, Page 8

Already done reading and want to know how this will end? Our Comic Book heroes Sophia and Silver Lynx are ready for new adventures. The journey will continue…

Stay tuned for bloXmove Comic Vol. 2 and enjoy this little preview!

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