bloXmove and Ontology strike major partnership

Maintaining data privacy and keeping companies in control of their customer relationships is a major differentiator of decentralised platforms. When compared to centralised hyperaggregators — such as #GAFA: Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon — decentralised platforms provide similar of even higher scalability while keeping customers’ data under control of the customer and protecting the integrity of the relationship between customer and the company actually delivering the service, e.g. the driver of a cab.
This is made possible by combining highly secure, cryptographic protocols with decentralised — peer-to-peer (P2P) — infrastructure.

One of the companies that represent this approach at its finest is Ontology a 3rd-generation blockchain which combines Decentralised Identifiers with blockchain technology in a unique and highly useful manner.
We are especially therefore proud to announce our partnership Ontology to apply their technology to the field of verifiable, cross-chain access control and settlement.

About Ontology

Ontology is a high-performance, low-fee blockchain built to crash the barrier of entry for companies looking to adopt blockchain technology with minimal disruption to their established processes. Among Ontology’s areas of specialty is in the field of decentralised identity (DID) and data management. Ontology also provides leading web3 solutions for digital finance, data marketplaces, and the automotive industry (where bloXmove’s as a spin-off of Daimler Mobility lies).

A Synergistic Alliance that Brings Trust and Security to DIDs

At the core of this partnership is the resolve of the bloXmove leadership to make Decentralized Mobility #DeMo not only safe for users but to bring our next-level suite of solutions to more people via interoperability with other public blockchains. Ontology is bringing cutting-edge support in specific points that include the creation and on-chain registration of decentralized identities, the integration of a DID resolver that supports diverse DID methods, verification/revocation of verifiable credentials, among others. Ontology’s support tech is delivered in an easy-to-integrate package that fits seamlessly into our Mobility Blockchain Platform.

Ontology Co-Founder, Li Jun has this to say on working with bloXmove:

“We are excited to be continuing our work in the mobility sector to help transform how people travel. Together with bloXmove, Ontology is helping to foster the adoption of decentralised, blockchain-based solutions that prioritise security and privacy of user data”

bloXmove is excited at the level of security and privacy that this partnership brings especially to end-users of our protocol around the world. As we continue to perfect our vision for a collaborative decentralized mobility future, it is important to ensure user privacy is respected and protected while providing simple 1-click ease of use. Our collaboration with Ontology brings this future to reality, as it promotes constructive collaboration between competing mobility providers while protecting the user’s identity at all times.

Our CTO Dr. Harry Behrens has the following to add on the partnership:

“We are honoured to collaborate with Ontology to combine our Mobility Blockchain Platform with their state-of-the-art DID technology. This interaction will bring us to the next level of mobility service roaming and decentralisation. We are looking forward to the outcome of this collaboration which should be ready in a few months”

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