bloXmove and 50hertz Come Together for a More Sustainable Renewable Power Sector

Blockchain in power just came closer to reality.

bloXmove partnership with 50hertz & elia group

Charting the way for a healthier and more sustainable planet requires all hands on deck. As a project, bloXmove is all about creating real-world solutions for the very real problems we face on our planet. That is why finding great partners actively working in our areas of concern is a critical facet of our strategy. Today, we are thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with the innovative and green-positive power transmission company, 50hertz.

About the Company
The Making of an Ideal Partnership
  • Creating an effective check and balance mechanism for supply and demand.
  • Making renewable energy supply more flexible with the aid of bi-directional intersection with the mobility market.
  • Undisputable certification of green energy with the help of blockchain, and many more.

The bloXmove team cannot be more excited to be collaborating with an organization that is not only an important player but one that is fully aligned with our green vision for the power sector. We are looking forward to a future of active cooperation and we will do everything within our means to support 50hertz with our suite of tailored solutions. Collaboration is the new cool, and this partnership is a testament to that reality.

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