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There is currently almost nothing that causes more hype, rumors and shitstorms: Blockchain or better distributed ledger technology. Some are fascinated, others rather frightened, and still others admit that they simply don’t understand what it’s really all about. We as bloXmove team not only want to make sure that our product is understood, but also want to contribute to enlightenment. So let’s dispel the myths around blockchain technology and let’s talk about real applications that make our lives easier and better.

We always get so many good questions during our ‘Ask me anything’ (AMA) sessions, event presentations, investor pitches etc. that we decided to collect the frequently asked questions and our answers here. If you have any further open question for us, we are looking forward to hear from you.

Can you explain what bloXmove is about? What do you want to offer the users?
bloXmove is a newly founded venture with Headquarters in Ireland and Germany. Our product the bloXmove Mobility Blockchain Platform was incubated by Daimler Mobility (the parent company of Mercedes) and this is also the background of our founders and board. bloXmove will provide an open mobility protocol based on the BLXM token. By earning or holding this token companies can connect their vehicles to bloXmove to offer decentralized mobility services. Users can consume these services with BLXM Our Singapore entity which will launch the tokens will be completely governed by the community: all important decisions will be voted on by the community.
The bloXmove leadership team has been working at Daimler, helped with the development of Daimler Mobility Blockchain Platform (MBP) and finally got assigned blockchain software license to bloXmove by Daimler. Can you explain how and why it came to that?
It was a combination of things: 1) Daimler is in a deep process of transformation and needs to focus on its core business: premium e-mobility 2) Ecosystems are very hard to develop by any player with a major brand. Reason: all other brands will refuse to join such a platform → we need a neutral venture to bring the platform to market 3) Tech and especially blockchain technology has very different investment and development cycles from corporations such as Daimler or Daimler Mobility These factors made both sides realize that a management buyout and then a spin-off is the best way to bring what was incubated within Daimler Mobility over three years to market and to success.

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