4th bloXmove Tech Dialogue for #womenintech

More and more people are talking about it: cryptocurrency. The first thought is Bitcoin, maybe Ethereum. The second thought is often, I don’t understand that, I’m too old for that. Stop. Let’s learn together and start with the basics. That’s what the 4th Tech Dialogue for #womenintech in #crypto and #mobility was about today.
We looked at the basic terms around cryptocurrency and token, looked at the utility of the BLXM token and looked at the how-to-guide.

We started to warm-up with a thesis and discussed the different perspectives in the room. It was exciting to see that the entire group voted for a positive tendency and said the pros dominate the cons – even there exist a few like: regulations, transaction costs, and missing know how. 

In a quiz we challenged and tested our know how for terms in the crypto space. From utility token, IDO and FIAT to NFT and HODL. If some people got appetite, this link leads to a fantastic glossary: https://coinmarketcap.com/alexandria/glossary

The bloXmove hosts rounded up with the insights into the BLXM token and the utility behind which gives access to a new decentralized mobility. The last chapter was about the process and the how-to. We discussed the 4 basic steps which someone has to do if you plan to invest in such a layer 2 ERC-20 token like BLXM. 

This way if you want to see the entire presentation or the live recording of the #womenintech session 4…

Womenintech_dialogue #4_sent


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