2nd bloXmove Tech Dialogue for #womenintech

One month ago, the bloXmove team started the #womenintech initiative. According to the motto ‘just do it’ we hosted a virtuell learning session with round about 25 people around the globe. The message spreads… and we could welcome almost twice as many interested women in our today’s 2nd tech dialogue.

bloXmove’s Tech Dialogue aims to educate women in blockchain, make them more visible and connect a #womenintech network. Because we believe: it needs more lipstick in the tech field.

Today we focused on the ‘decentralized identities’ (DID) and what they have to do with ‘Know your customer’ (KYC) and digital contracting in the times of decentralized technologies. The key take aways are:

  • 1) a DID is like an URL in the internet (incl. correctly verified personal information, credentials)
  • 2) every person, company or device as one unique DID which never changes
  • 3) based on this ‘Identity Triangle’ DID are at the center of all commercial transaction management

Click here to see the full presentation of the 2nd tech dialogue.

bloXmove Tech Dialogue_no2 

Desire for more? Stay tuned. We will announce the next tech dialogue session as an event on Linkedin as well as in our telegram group

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