2022 – The Year of Growth and Execution

A sneak preview into the year ahead at bloXmove

In spring last year, the bloXmove journey began. Right from inception, the company had a clear vision of where it’s headed. We wasted no time as we started building our protocol and began pitching our solutions to our first partners. We also started building the broader team as we located and onboarded 15 unique talents that blended perfectly with the innovative and responsible culture we are creating at bloXmove. The company has come far in such a short period, as we’ve since set up our venture structure, built up processes, and assigned roles. The bloXmove dream is on a sound footing and the foundation is firm. As we head into the last days of 2021, the entire team has moved its focus to the future. To achieve the growth and success we know this project is capable of, we must plan carefully and plan early. 

The year 2022 is the year of execution, scaling, and growth for us and our 15 mobility and energy partners. To enable bloXmove to hit the ground running, here are the projected milestones we’ve set for 2022: 

Q1: Kick-off phase

  • Pilot kick-off for Flixbus, Tier, and others.
  • Continuation of mobility budget & Dutch MaaS.
  • Liquidity providing & token staking.

Q2: Delivery phase

  • Finished PoC with 50hertz & EWF.
  • DID-based access control protocol with ontology. 
  • G2M & sales “power meets mobility”.


Q3: Scaling phase

  • Go live with commercial mobility pilots.
  • Pipeline for series A.
  • Preparation for Asia expansion in 2023.

Q4: Fundraising phase

  • Company validation in series A.
  • Mainnet launch (open-loop).

We’ve always reiterated that bloXmove is a project founded in reality and will solve real-world mobility and energy problems that impact real lives. In a clear demonstration of this, we are thrilled to say that we expect the first go-lives of the Mobility Blockchain Platform and our first streams of revenue to start flowing in Q2, 2022 at the latest. 

The team is incredibly grateful to our fantastic community for their continued support and hope to continue fruitful conversations together as we grow and prosper together. The future looks auspicious and the team has never been more confident. We look forward to continuing this journey with the entire community, our investors, and customers as bloXmove begins delivering the goods and starts making waves. 

Here’s to an awesome 2022… Cheers

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