bloXmove’s collaboration and use cases with SAP and beyond

Power meets mobility, coupling both the energy and the mobility sector, finding bridges between the two industries – these are the keywords and phrases we use at bloXmove to describe our vision. With the continued rise of electric vehicles and not only the growing need but the definite responsibility to drive and expand green energy use the potential for synergies between the mobility and power industry are huge. That’s why we should always think of energy when we think of mobility. The best way to prove this phenomenon is with the real-life use cases and products that came from our partnership with SAP. 


First mobility use case with SAP 

Our cooperation with SAP started at the beginning of this year when bloXmove got selected as one of the 8 international start-ups for the SAP.iO Foundry accelerator program focusing on sustainability in the service industries. The bloXmove team was fortunate to profit from one-on-one mentoring with SAP executives, get access to SAP technology and use the chance to work together with SAP’s customers over the next 12 weeks. With Senta Belay, Catherine Garcera, Sebastien Gibier, Patrice Vatin and Odilia von Zitzewitz we found our perfect mentor matches and great support as well as enthusiasm for bloXmove.  

The kick-off for our journey was to identify a joint vision together with the experts at SAP.iO and to find a way to make use of bloXmove’s core competence in providing decentralized infrastructure for easy, fast and secure cross company transactions. This first led us in the direction of mobility – one of bloXmove’s main areas of expertise and with SAP’s many mobility partners a logical and promising step. The first idea was to build a solution that would automate and simplify information and payment exchanges of SAP’s customers in the mobility sector. The product idea is very similar to bloXmove’s own Mobility Blockchain Platform which enables a mobility alliance between participating transport operators and automated as well as standardized transactions and data exchange. This solution however would be custom made for SAP’s clients and launched in the SAP store. We had the honor to jointly pitch the first outcomes during the VivaTech event in Paris. 

Let’s think mobility and energy together 

Thanks to the extensive acceleration program bloXmove could identify more than one use case during our time with SAP.iO. After a Design Thinking workshop with SAP experts in the field of future energy systems an idea that perfectly fits our motto of power meets mobility emerged, showing that the need and potential to think both industries together is ever-present. The vision of a decentralized platform connecting electric vehicles, households and charging stations and their operators which formed during the workshop matches bloXmove’s other main area of expertise and perfectly fits the solution we have been developing under the name bloXpower for quite some time. No sooner said than done, with the help of SAP bloXmove entered relevant consortiums with focus on ‘power meets mobility’ and is now contributing to the solution development with a great number of industrial partners. 


Power meets mobility becomes reality with UnternehmerTUM 

Since April 2022 bloXmove is part of the Digital Hub Mobility by UnternehmerTUM and working on the Trusted Green Charging Project together with SAP, Infineon Technologies, Energy Web, ChargeX and Tronity. The shared idea behind the Citizen Mobility sprint is to build a decentralized digital infrastructure which easily and securely offers locally generated solar power for charging corporate fleets and private e-vehicles. This should help both companies and employees to achieve their sustainability goals.  

A lot of buildings are generating green energy with solar panels which can be used to charge electric vehicles directly. With the help of the EW blockchain the green energy share can be recorded in real time and verified with unforgeable certification once the vehicle finished charging. bloXmove contributes to this solution with our decentralized identifiers (DID) which can be used for the vehicles and the implementation of frameworks used for the automated settlement of smart contracts.  


We are excited to be part of this forward-thinking initiative and to work with new and old partners. After a first presentation in June we are looking forward to finishing the current sprint by the end of October and continue with implementing the project and connecting hardware and blockchain in the months afterwards.  

Our journey with SAP shows that bloXmove’s vision of power and mobility has real life value and can lead to multiple use cases.