Partnership announcement

bloXmove partners with leading tech company sphereon

Our strong credo is partnerships where everyone contributes with their niche know-how and expertise to create the best modular tech solutions. With Sphereon, our newest tech partner, we found a very experienced solution provider in the field of digital identities, software building and consultancy. We are convinced that together we have more power and know how to innovate and bridge the traditional IT space with the decentralized web3 technologies. 

We first got to know Sphereon through our partnership with the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management and the Dutch Blockchain Coalition. After a successful PoC the ministry commissioned a full review of our Mobility Blockchain Platform with the support of Sphereon and we could publish a first and very competent Due Diligence report thanks to their work. 

After some further exchanges we are now launching a new tech partnership to make our solutions even more tailored and secure for our customers. Sphereon offers data exchange solutions that enable organizations to quickly deploy advanced solutions where users can share data in a secure, verifiable and privacy-protective way. With their solutions they are leading in the Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) technologies and have made it their business to tackle the trust and privacy issues we face in today’s digital world. Here we see strong synergies to jointly address large enterprises and governmental bodies in Germany and the Netherlands with secure platform solutions and the decentralized cross-company exchange.


This poses a great addition to bloXmove’s automated transaction exchanges and our work with verified credentials. Digital Identities and secure verification of credentials, tickets, certificates and financial documents lies at the core of commerce and the emerging web3 world. bloXmove CTO and Co-Founder Harry Behrens explains “bloXmove bases much of its platform offering on providing secure end-to-end transaction platforms based on such technology.  In cooperating with a leader in the field of digital identities, we aim at applying their cutting edge data and credential exchange technology to the two converging industrial sectors of Power & Mobility.”

bloXmove can open up new customer relationships for Sphereon and offer an existing platform to adapt their advanced technology. “What’s great in today’s global space is that you see two highly innovative companies from different countries and different fields coming together and combining their expertise to offer better and stronger solutions to both our customers” says Sebastian Boender, CEO of Sphereon. 


We’re happy to have found a new and strong partner that also shares our value of open and cooperative innovation. Both companies believe that bringing expert knowledge together, creating together and using the advantages of network effects will drive innovation forward much faster and easier than if each organization would work on its own. Sharing knowledge and software is the new and future-oriented way of collaborating and the industry will only profit from some co-opetition.




Sphereon is creating trust in a Digital World. Using the latest innovations, such as Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs), Verifiable Credentials (VCs) and Tokenization, the tech company adds Trust to all processes and shared data.
Sphereon provides Software Developers with an API-platform to quickly build and deploy solutions around Digital Identities and the verifiable exchange of data. APIs are a crucial building-block of today’s API economy where it is all about agility and co-creation.