bloXmove's first qualified seed round

bloXmove SEED round: raising €5M to connect the decentralized mobility alliance

bloXmove starts its first qualified seed round from July until October this year 2022. The target is to raise €5M in total and seek suitable equity investors for our holding company Power & Mobility Ltd, in Ireland. The minimum ticket size is €250K, the maximum is €1,5M.

“‘A suitable investor’ means that we’re looking for investors  interested in a long-term partnership and sustainable development of the web3 space. In a best case scenario they are from the mobility- and/or “software as a service“ industry and bring in their industry networks. Together with those new strategic investors, we aim to scale faster, onboard more than the existing 17 early-adopter-companies into the decentralized Mobility Alliance and further develop the convergence of green power and electric mobility.”, says Sophia Rödiger, CEO and Co-Founder of bloXmove.   

So far, bloXmove has formed trusted relationships with the pre-seed investors, advisors and business partners.

“Due to new requirements for mobility such as sustainability and multi-modality the industry is radically changing now. At Lufthansa Industry Solutions we’re focusing on inter-modal travel and finding new ways to offer door-to-door journeys which is also in line with the strategic goals of many of our customers, e.g., public transport operators or airlines. We believe that decentralized technology solutions as bloXmove’s Mobility Alliance platform are a valuable puzzle piece to connect the currently fragmented travel ecosystems.“

André Jacobs, Director Mobility Transport Lufthansa Industry Solutions


“The very strong knowledge of web3 coupled with mobility experience allowed us to make vague concepts such as DiD, very concrete and applicable. We also appreciated the fast integration of complex energy context which makes Bloxmove a unique partner mastering E-mobility, web3 and electricity market complexity bringing innovative and ready to use solutions for EV driver integration into the energy market.”

Loic Tilman, Head Digital & Energy Innovation Elia group, Co-Founder NRverse

A growing mobility market with €1,4 trillion of potential TAM in the next 10 years, changed by the needs of sustainability as well as multi modality 

Mobility is a key factor of our day-to-day life. Be it getting to work, going grocery shopping or traveling for vacation purposes – humanity is always on the move – physically or virtually. But when we have to travel distances further than just around the block, we may need more than one method of transport. Transportation quickly becomes more difficult to be done conveniently. Think of your smartphone right now, and count the mobility apps you have downloaded. On average a regular traveler counts 15 different mobility apps. But even with these 15 apps, once you make a business trip to  London you’re missing the 16th mobility appto book the local scooter service. Sounds familiar? 

bloXmove is not the next super app, it provides a convenient and radically new solution for the connection and collaboration between the many modes of transport operators. We started to scale a decentralized and collaborative urban mobility alliance using blockchain technology.

You can think of it as a “multi-modal travel chain“ (check out our explainer video): You book a train ticket to the airport in Berlin using your favorite and familiar local train app. Within that same app you can also already book your next method of transport for when you land in London, no matter which method that is. After that, you can also access an eScooter via QR code for the ride from your hotel to the business meeting, all in one go, on a door-to-door basis. You only pay one total amount combining the transactions of all these bookings in your preferred application, so in this case the train app, but it could also be either the app of your favorite airline or car renting service. The app – becomes a flexible, individual entry point of your trusted choice, regardless of the travel method you need. In the near future it may be a smart watch, glasses or other wearables.

This is where bloXmove’s decentralized ledger technology (DLT) comes into play. We represent every transport operator per node in that value network. This is the technical access to interact with all other verified mobility companies in an automated and secure way – without any centralized monopolist. So bloXmove is connecting a collaborative alliance based on a network infrastructure, instead of launching the next Mobility Super App which tries to integrate all acting transport operators in a centralized way. 

We use the DLT concepts to identify user rights with decentralized credentials (DID), verify vehicles, offer a protocol standard for smart NFTickets and last but not least enable the consumption-based distribution of the users payment to each mobility provider in the travel chain presented above – meaning an instant clearing between business parties.

bloXmove’s main customers are: 1) shared mobility providers with scooter, car sharing and bike offerings; 2) fleet operators such as bus, rental car; 3) public transportations, 4) airlines and other inter-city providers as well as 5) B2G(overment) – standing for cities and ministries driving the shift towards a carbon-zero mobility to meet the 1.5 climate limit. 

6 reasons – Why we and especially transport operators should no longer do this without blockchain technology

  1. Less integration pain: every transport operator needs to plug-in once. The decentralized node-infrastructure offers access to the other verified transport operators. This speed in scale-effects can not be realized with centralized API technology.
  2. No party losses the customer touchpoint to monopolists, all can offer bundled, mutli-modal travel journeys to increase the own customer stickiness 
  3. No MaaS aggregation costs and reduced customer acquisition costs: if a user is verified once, other mobility partners can accept and use this information provided by secure, decentralized identifiers (DID, SSI)
  4. Hassles and credit risks of invoicing and clearing get solved by a radically new way of doing instant accounting – in real time, the accounts payable and receivable have the precise, split amount of money in their books. 
  5. The blockchain technology records immutable travel transaction patterns from A to B improving the quality of multi-modal heatmaps 
  6. The decentralization leads to shared and trusted business relations which unite existing actors and sectors in new value networks: like power & mobility


About bloXmove

After a management buyout from Mercedes-Benz (former Daimler; read the press release), bloXmove was officially founded on May 31st 2021 by Sophia Rödiger (CEO), Dr. Harry Behrens (CTO), and Bernd Hanisch (CFO). The main locations are in Dublin, Ireland (Holding: Power & Mobility Ltd.) and Bonn, Germany (Operational EU Unit: bloXmove Germany GmbH).

Experiencing steady growth, bloXmove is now a company consisting of over 20 permanent employees worldwide, and has about 17 partners in Germany and BeNeLux. The first ones like TIER, SAP, FLIX, Blockchain Showcase Region Mittweida, mocci, 50hertz and Energy Web – have been officially announced over the last months. bloXmove’s business model is based on one-digit transaction fees with first generating revenues which will lead to €300M revenue in 10 years (€29M in 5 years). 

The global vision of bloXmove is to build the decentralized ledger technology and operational framework for power and mobility. By working with key partners in major mobility hubs around the world, we hope to not only reinvent the way we move in urban areas but to power this revolution with certified green energy. 

Dr. Harry Behrens, CTO and Chairman says: “Our potential of scalability is huge. This is why the bloXmove team is also working to unite the two sectors: power & mobility. With the technical concepts of “vehicle to grid” we use the battery of electric cars to balance the power grids and make renewable energies more flexible in their usage. With bloXpower, we offer the same decentralized components, that’s the beauty of our scalable technology and universal code.”   

The raised money will be used to scale the Mobility Alliance within and beyond Europe and become the decentralized ledger for Power & Mobility, worldwide. 


Next on the agenda is to rapidly scale the ecosystem where sufficient mobility providers – public as well as private – are technically connected, so that it’s possible for the transactional processes between them to occur. 

As a sales-driven venture, bloXmove forces 4 ways of generating the scaling network-effect: A) a strong community management with already 40,000 supporters spreading the bloXmove mission via all channels; B) the onboarding of one top tier provider per customer cluster to create a pull effect; C) the usage of standardized protocols and API to scale even faster and D) the intensive collaboration with government networks and industrial acceleration programs to get “proof of concept” connections to a higher number of large enterprises.

bloXmove will expand the mobility ecosystem by developing strong contacts with partners in 26 countries, and onboarding 10 to 15 more transport operators in the next year.

Secondly, we further build the products based on vehicle-to-grid, -to-home and -to-building technologies with the targeted partners of fleet and charging point operators as well as energy providers. This extends the strategic roadmap and strengthens the second product path: bloXpower. 


In order to achieve these next milestones, we need a €5M seed funding, which we will spend on the following 4 dimensions:

  1. Scaling of the mobility alliance ecosystem in the EU and APAC, incl. technical platform development: €3.5M
  2. Development bloX.power product cases and product market fit: €1M
  3. Brand Building, other costs & general business development €500K


If our plans and our vision spark your interest and you wish to become a part of it, you can contact us via

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