Mobility budget solution - WE ARE MOVING YOUR EMPLOYEES!

The demands placed on mobility and for sustainable mobility continues to grow. We are slowly changing our behavior by making use of shared mobility – but different means of transportation when on business trips result in a lot of paper work. Are you having problems of being able to fully meet the needs of your employees’ desires when it comes to mobility? bloXmove offers the solution: The Mobility Budget App

Choose your desired means of transportation

your benefits

Simple registration & customer verification 

Each employee gets a DID for the registration and you can make use of custom ticket offers through your credentials. 

Be sustainable


For a better future and less Co2 Emissions, possible foot print rewarding. 

One budget, a thousand possibilities 

Complete cost control and budget overview at all times, for both the employer and employee.

full backend accounting integration

Efficient B2B settlement in real time.

distinguish between private & business rides

Your employees will be able to distinguish between private and business rides.

golden history

Trust machine of transactions data. Find out how your company moves by anonymous movement patterns.

brand the mobility budget app according to your ci

mobility budget App

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