Partnership update: the Dutch Blockchain Coalition, Ministry of Infrastructure & Water Management & bloXmove

One year ago, in June 2021, the Dutch Blockchain Coalition organised the Dutch Blockchain & Mobility week, at which Mobility as a Service (MaaS) as well as blockchain technology was the leading theme. It was there that bloXmove first got in contact with the Dutch Blockchain Coalition and the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure & Water Management which initiated the beginning of a fruitful cooperation. The common goal of making mobility easier and more seamless for customers was what kicked-off the interest in a partnership which was only strengthened by the joint understanding of mobility as an ecosystem. After initially focussing on a mobility-as-a-service solution for the Dutch market the collaboration has since grown and is targeting international projects as well. Working together with the DBC and the Ministry has been a great opportunity for bloXmove and we are proud to share the results of this now one year old partnership.

  • Using Decentralized Identifiers (DID) and Verified Credentials (VC) for a secure customer onboarding processes.
  • The concept of “service roaming” among participants in the Dutch mobility ecosystem.

We are happy to announce that this comprehensive due diligence review is now ready and published along with this article. We want to thank the Ministry, the Dutch Blockchain Coalition, Sphereon and express our appreciation for a very competent and stringent review. Not only will the results of their review inform stakeholders in the Dutch Mobility ecosystem but more than that it directly contributed to the quality of the platform through the valuable insights and To Dos it provided us with. The full review commented by bloXmove as well as a summarised article can be accessed with the links below.

Summarized review

Full review document with detailed, item-by-item commentary from bloXmove



Open-source code and public documentation


Release of first open source modules


Read more in the article published by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management.