bloXmove partners with NRverse to power and proof a greener metaverse

As new technological frontiers are explored and new facets of everyday life emerge, bloXmove has made it its mission to identify like-minded partners that help build decentralized technology solutions on a sustainable framework. Among the most relevant and necessary topics is: how can we track, trace, and reduce our carbon footprints – in the universe… and soon in the metaverse. bloXmove is combining this trend with mobility and the (digital) destinations that we aim to arrive at. For that purpose, we bring our strengths together in a strategic and technical partnership with NRverse.

Synergizing Over Common Goals

The metaverse today stands valued at a whopping $5 trillion market opportunity. It is a brave new world that promises to carve out fresh models for creating value, inspiring new boundaries of human interaction, and enabling new alliances between companies. From mega tech corps such as Facebook changing its entire identity to “Meta” to classic automakers like Mercedes, sports and fashion brands Nike, Gucci & L’oreal offering NFT-infused web3 events, we are witnessing the very early stages of the take-off of this multi-trillion dollar space.. 

As the hype and adoption of the metaverse increases, we will witness more users, more AI, higher image quality demand,  components that will translate to exponential use of computing power and therefore related carbon impact. It is imperative to preempt the various sustainability challenges that might arise and offer companies a seamless way to transparently and accurately offset their carbon footprint in the metaverse. NRverse and bloXmove have come together to chart a wholly green and completely accountable path for companies to offer their products and services in a smart metaverse.

Forging this sustainable path for the adoption of distributed ledger technologies is a core doctrine for the ecosystems we build in the mobility and energy sectors. This is one common ground of the partnership between bloXmove and NRverse. bloxmove acts as an enabler providing NRverse with technical developments to transfer renewable energy certificates to web3 compatible tokens. This helps NRverse in building its product portfolio ranging from green metaverse events, zero-emission tickets for physical events, and many more. By doing so, we pursue the core mission of bloXmove: enabling people to connect in a smart and decarbonized way through mobility, in the physical and virtual worlds. We will bring seamless mobility journeys and the ability to easily enter: door to door.

We are creating custom and green NFTicket solutions with the integrated NRverse solution for both physical and metaverse events. Utilizing the non-fungible-token principle as well as the decentralized identification credentials (DID), bloXmove offers tailormade tickets which are linked to:

    1.  Flexible mobility budget to arrive at the destination.
    2. The access rights to participate in the event, and
    3. The proof that green energy is used to run the event.


All are based on bloXmove’s standardized NFTicket and NFTCert framework

At bloXmove, we’ve always expressed our desire to expand our ticketing and settlement solutions to other branches related to the mobility sector, such as the booking of hotels or (digital) events. Our work with NRverse is a perfect fit for our first steps in this direction.

The teams at bloXmove and NRverse are thrilled that the sustainability requirement is gaining more traction in the decentralized technology space. Together – we contribute to that and make your metaverse greener. With that promise, both teams will mainly target companies that plan to step into the metaverse and NFT market – from fashion, make up towards art, concerts and other event organisations. We offer your approved ‘green NFticket’ to the metaverse, or any other event destination – door to door.



About NRverse

NRverse, founded by Loic Tilman and Kai Schmied, is a sustainability-focused company, providing metaverse decentralized applications, event organizers, and projects with easily verifiable green energy. Decarbonizing the metaverse is the company’s value proposition. 

Taking advantage of the powerful mix of AI, VR, and blockchain that powers the metaverse, NRverse is working on a proactive green approach rather than a corrective one. Instead of working on capturing the aftermath of indiscriminate fossil fuel use to power decentralized apps, NRverse provides easily accessible and transparent green alternatives to projects at the local level. It achieves this by the real-time calculation of the energy demand of dApps (decentralized apps) and the provision of immutable blockchain-encoded proof that every Kilowatt-hour of electricity is covered by carbon-free renewable electricity. NRverse recently collected its pre-seed money from investors like the Blockchain Founders Group.